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You may participate in our auctions at the comfort of your house or office.

Listed below are the conditions required for participation via internet;

  • Register to
  • Select the auction and the relevant department as to the auction you want to participate in and press Register for the Live Auction button to register. Your Flag and PIN no will be provided for you via email after the approval of your PIN no. (Please do not lose your Flag or PIN no and do not share it with anyone else.)
  • The deposit amounts must have been deposited for the auction you have been registered. (The amount of deposit changes based on the department and you may learn such conditions through internet or by contacting the relevant department.)
  • Before the auction starts, on the department page of the auction you are interested in, press Enter the hall to Buy bbutton and after typing the Flag and PIN NO's you have been given into the required fields, live auction program will be automatically installed and you will take your part in the auctioning.

Buying during the auctions, payment, warranty, transportation, commission rates and similar matters click here for information about